Does Your Vehicle Need a Maintenance Check?

South Dakota’s extreme weather conditions can be tough on vehicles during the Winter and Spring months and your vehicle may require a maintenance checkup.

By properly maintaining your vehicle, you can dramatically increase its lifespan and the technicians at our GM Certified repair shop at Rapid Chevrolet Cadillac are here to help.

Follow these simple tips and get the most out of your vehicle this season.

Does your A/C system not seem to be as cool as it was last summer? Have it checked to determine if it needs to be refilled with refrigerant.

Allow us to examine your vehicles tire tread wear and inflation level. Driving with well-worn/bald or under inflated tires is dangerous and increases your chance of a blowout.

Belts, hoses and other parts dry and crack easily in harsh weather conditions. If you haven’t had them checked for awhile, bring your vehicle in and we’ll look over everything to make sure these parts are in prime shape.

Windshield wiper replacement is a small, inexpensive repair that can have a big impact on your safety, especially when driving in the rain. If yours need to be replaced, stop by Rapid Chevrolet Cadillac’s body shop today and we’ll get you taken care of and on your way. Also you can have your windshield checked for chips and cracks – and during the month of April, we have a special on Windshield Repair Offer through our body shop. You can see the special online at

For even more ideas regarding how to properly maintain your vehicle, visit us at Rapid Chevrolet Cadillac in Rapid City, SD. You can count on us to get your vehicle prepared for whatever Mother Nature chooses to send our way. Contact the dealership service department / body shop with your questions or to schedule an appointment.  Or you can schedule online at