Quick Facts about Cadillac

1. When you make a Bluetooth phone call, not only does your audio system mute, but your climate control fan speed will lower to make the cabin quieter during your call.  You always have the option of increasing the fan speed in case you need to.

2. Your SRX’s and CTS’ hard drive is equipped with Gracenotes.  This allows display of information about the song currently playing from your vehicle’s hard drive, like artist name, song title and album title.  Overtime your Gracenotes will become outdated as you add newer songs to your HDD. But you can update it via a new disc available from www.gmnavdisc.com.

3. The new SRX is smart enough to automatically turn on it’s rear wiper when in reverse and the front wipers are already on.

4. The SRX has a feature called Hill Start Assist. Never again fear rolling backward when on a hill at a stoplight.  HSA will automatically hold brake pressure during the time your foot moves from the brake to the accelerator pedal.

5. The SRX and CTS have an air quality sensor, which detects air pollution and will put your auto climate control in recirculation mode.  This significantly reduces the amount of outside air coming in so the cabin air stays fresher.

6. OnStar has a new feature called Remote Ignition Block.  If you report your vehicle is somehow stolen, this makes it impossible to restart the engine once it has been turned off.

7. Most Cadillacs have windshield wiper activated headlamps, which means when your wipers have been on for a few seconds, your headlamps will automatically come on for your safety.

8. Your Bose audio system can recognize when you have a window or sunroof open and adjust the music in response.

9. Your remote key fob can help you locate your Cadillac in a crowded parking lot.  All you need to do is press the RKE’s red horn button once and your car’s horn will sound three times and the turn signals will flash.

10.  Have you ever forgotten to reset your trip odometer after you have been driving for awhile?  No worries…all your need to do is press and hold the set/reset button on your DIC.  This will retroactively reset your trip odo since the last time your started your Cadillac.