Are you guilty of riding your brakes?

This is the top of our list for vehicle maintenance. Your brake system is complicated and the most important part as far as safety is concerned.

  • It’s always better to slow down with moderate pressure and the releasing the brake to cool, than “riding” them and getting them overheated. Don’t confuse this with pumping your brakes.
  • People are nervous about this and many don’t even know but when you are on steep grades, it is better to downshift your vehicle than ride the brakes. What this does is let your engine do some of the braking instead of your brakes. Take caution with this as it is only a safe solution on dry roads. Doing this on slick roads can cause your vehicle to slip and slide around.
  • Last, keeping your brakes clean. All brakes work better when kept clean the temperature down. Use a good wheel cleaner that you know is safe for your wheel finish. How often you clean your brakes, there really isn’t a standard. People who drive gravel roads will obviously have to clean their more than people driving primarily on pavement.
Signs of Trouble

No more brake pad left. There are two ways to tell if you are running out of brake pad.

1. You have to remove the wheel, sorry. This way you can see the forward end of the caliper. If it is down 1/4 to 1/8 of the pad, you better get them replaced.

2. You don’t feel like taking your wheel off and wait until the day you are driving along and, whoops, push your brakes and nothing happens. We would recommend option 1.